The impact of honey on the men’s potency

Honey has been valuable since the ancient times. The price of this product has always been high because of the great number of useful components and vitamins. Moreover, honey used to be difficult to get. People collected it from the hives of the wild bees, which were really hard to access. After some time, people started creating artificial apiaries themselves, which made the collection simpler.

The main reason for the value of this product is its composition. There are B vitamins, magnum, sulfur, sodium and chlorine minerals, ascorbic acid, and plenty of other useful elements in it. The key ingredients are fructose & glucose, which total 75-80%.

Depending on the type of honey, it may possess different qualities. For example, fair honey is of the highest quality (such as melilot honey). However, the dark kinds are more useful and have more helpful ingredients for the health.


How does honey affect the potency?

For the males, it is better to choose chestnut honey. It’s dark but there are lots of vitamins & minerals in it compared to the fair kinds. The most significant characteristic is the bactericidal action of this honey. It is effective in the following cases:

  • cold
  • blood circulation regulation
  • prostatitis
  • kidney diseases.

Thus, honey has a good effect on the men’s potency.


Useful recipes for the potency

The recipe with nuts is the most useful for the males. It is necessary to take walnuts, pound them, and mix with honey. It is also possible to use the other kinds of nuts. The mixture is recommended to consume 6 hours before going to bed. The dosage is 1-2 tablespoons.

It is also good to replace sugar with honey, for instance, adding it to tea. Sugar can reduce the amount of the sex hormone in the man’s organism, which will have a bad effect on the men’s potency.