Are all the products listed brand named?

No, all the pills in the product list are generic.


What does it mean? What is the difference between “generic” and “brand named”. Is the effect the same?

The difference can be found only in price, name, colour and shape. A generic medicine is always named after the active ingredient, and the “brand named” pills manufacturers use other catchy words to name their products. Since it is not possible to patent a certain chemical agent, manufacturers can legally produce generic medicines. The “generic” and “brand named” pills contain the same ingredients and have the same medical effect, the only difference is in the price: generic ones are way cheaper. But it is important to mention, that you should always contact your doctor before taking any pills.


Why is there such a difference in prices?

Unlike “brand named” pills manufacturers, generic drugs producers do not spend plenty of money on advertisement, development and research. Only to get FDA approval you should pay enormously. Generic drugs producers` significant savings lead to your significant savings.


Your pills have different name and look very differently from the brand name medication. Why did that happen?

As we mentioned above, chemical agent, unlike names and appearances, cannot be patented. That means that the manufacturer can use the same active ingredient, but cannot use the same name, shape or colour of medicines, since it can be considered as copyright infringement. This is why the generic pills have the same medical effect but totally different appearance.


Can I be sure that your pills are high quality?

The key point of our policy is the highest quality of the medications we offer. Why? The answer cannot be simpler: the higher is the quality the more customers will buy our products.

That is why lots and lots of attention are paid to quality assurance, supplier choice, testing and documents checking. All the products we offer are manufactured by Indian FDA approved company in India and are supplies with Indian state license.


What is the expiration dating period of your medications?

The best before date is mentioned on each package. All pills can be used for 2 years from the day of production and expiry date will vary depending on the batch.


Are 50mg Viagra tabs and 100mg tabs different? If yes, what is that difference?

Our Generic Viagra is available in 50mg and 100mg tabs. This means that the first type contains 50 mg of active ingredient called Sildenafil and the second one has 100mg of Sildenafil. However, the standard recommended dose is a 50mg pill. Since the effect may be different depending on the person, we would strongly recommend you to split one 50g pill in half and consume one half only (it is 25g of active ingredient). If you will not be satisfied with the result, take a whole 50mg pill.


Instructions to Order

Do you require some prescription?

To order some types of medicines you will need a valid prescription. Depending on your county’s law, our service worker may ask you to send us a prescription for a product that you are planning to purchase. Please note that only valid prescription can be used, if you will not be able to provide us with the valid prescription your order will be stymied.

We advise you to consult your doctor before consuming or ordering any medications.


How can I place an order?

NOTE: Any product can only be ordered through our website. We do not take the orders over the phone or e-mails.

If you would like to order some product from our website follow the next steps:


  1. Click the “Buy now” button to choose the item you would like to order
  2. Choose the right amount you want to purchase
  3. Press the “Checkout” button
  4. Complete the form with the required information
  5. Check your order and click the “Submit transaction” button
  6. As soon as your order is accepted message will be displayed on your screen, besides you will receive the order confirmation message to your email.


What payment methods can I use?

We receive only the payments by credit cards.


How long will it take to charge the order?

First of all, right after you place the order and hit the “Submit” button, all the specified data are checked and after the credit card is charged. If the payment passes the authorization, the purchase can now be approved and processed.


What is the terms of privacy and security of your service?

The security of our customers is the subject of our primary concern. Before filling in the order form you will be redirected to the secure order page. An icon resembling a padlock on the bottom of this page shows that all your personal data are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted before been passed cards charging. To complete the browser’s’ security, McAfee and WebSafe check our servers for any potential weaknesses.


And what about discount systems?

We do have some discounts.



Where the shipping can be provided?

We can provide this service almost all around the world. However, we have some exceptions, such as few countries in Asia.


Where will the product be send from?

Since we produce our pills in India, all the medications are sent from India.


How do you pack your products? Is it necessary to put my sign after the shipment?

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and thus the product will be sent in discreet envelope and left in your mailbox with no signature required (if you will choose Standard Mail shipment).


Could I get my order right the same day I have filled in the form?

The medicines in product list are stored and ready for the immediate delivery, but before the order will be sent, we should check all the information and pack it carefully. All the preparations usually take up to 2 days.


What the shipping methods are used? When should I get my order?

If you would like to get your product by Express International Mail, please note that we will be unable to send you the package if the forwarding address (e.g. PO box, General delivery, Poste restante, UPS store, APO/FPO), hotel or educational facility is specified in the address form, or your telephone number is invalid or wrong.

Please also be aware that the delivery date is estimated and may vary depending on some force majeure events described below.

Please, keep in mind that the company cannot be responsible for the work of customs and international mail and the delays related to it.

Likewise our company is not responsible or liable for every or any delays related to events that are beyond the control of the company, such as the Christmas and New Year celebrations, natural disasters, strikes and/or other events that leads to mail disruptions and deliveries delays.


How much will the shipping cost?

The rates will depend on various factors, such as chosen shipping option, country and the ordered amount. If you would like to know the shipping costs in your particular case, choose the product, hit the “Add to shopping cart button” and on checkout page you can see the rate for shipping.


Is it possible for my order be delayed due to the customs work?

It is possible to happen, in any way you will be informed. In some cases custom service could ask the receiver to come and personally give the permission to test the package, right after examination you will be allowed to take your order. If any problems will occur, please inform our customer support service and we will try to solve any questions.


What should I do in case of missing product or damaged package?

In such case, please inform our customer support service about the problem. We will try to resolve the problem by changing the package or refunding the payment. For further information read the Policies.

Please, keep in mind that the order of 90 or more pills can be delivered in several different packages.


Is the reshipment free?

Yes, all the reshipments are paid by our company and require no additional payment.


Orders Managing

Can the status of the order be checked? If yes, how?

With any questions according the shipment you may contact our customer support service.

If you have chosen the delivery by a Express International Mail, you can visit the same page to get your tracking number.


What should I do to cancel the order?

For any information please see our Reimbursements and Returns Policy.


Opportunities for Business

If you would like to be the supplier or offer some innovative product.

We will be honoured to receive the extended details on our e-mail. We would like to ensure your awareness that each and every product, that will be proposed, should be supplied with the quality certificates and fulfil all the quality requirements.