Products harmful for male potency

Food in many ways affects our body. In particular, the male potency can depend on this and be both good and bad, depending on what the man eats. Potentially beneficial products for potency, for example, seafood, as well as eggs and others, are well known. However, what about the products that affect the potency negatively? There is a whole list:

  • smoked products, including meat, fish, etc., are made with the use of liquid smoke, a special liquid that is quite toxic. These products are in principle not useful and should not be consumed in large quantities, but they are capable of causing even more severe damage to male testicles
  • alcohol in large quantities is harmful, it is obvious, but many neglect it. In small quantities, for example, when it comes to a glass of red dry wine, alcohol can help relax and increase libido, but a large amount of alcohol in the body reduces the production of testosterone. Beer is also very harmful to men, because it contains estrogens
  • fast food can be not so harmless if you are young, eat this kind of food in small quantities and engage in active sports. The older you become, the more harm you will bring with fast food, including a violation of the production of testosterone
  • caffeine in large quantities is able to completely destroy testosterone, so it is recommended to exclude from the diet not only coffee, but also soda, and energy drinks, which, in addition to caffeine, contain a lot of dyes and sugar
  • the excess of sweet and salty foods can adversely affect the body, especially the male, so the abuse of ones is also harmful
  • some spices, for example, cilantro, can negatively affect the state of the body in case of an overdose. In small quantities, coriander reveals its taste and effect on man’s potency, but the surplus of spices in the dish can have the opposite effect.

Please note that all these tips for proper nutrition with the minimum amount of harmful products are useful not only for men with erection problems, but for everyone else. A balanced diet containing fish, vegetables, fruits and other products is always helpful, but it is better to forget about the fast food and alcohol.