The tips for the sexual potency drugs consumption

Plenty of men purchase various medications to improve the sexual potency. However, it is necessary to know certain facts before buying them. Several questions will help you understand more about the medicines:

  1. Can Viagra and other drugs be harmful?
  2. What is the frequency of Cialis consumption?
  3. Does Levitra have any contra-indications?

All the information might be found in the instructions and on the Internet.

Let’s consider several important rules:

1) It’s forbidden mixing Viagra, Cialis, and other analogs.

2) If you are younger than 18, you should never consume such medicines.

3) Try not to drink alcohol if you consume Viagra or the analogs.

4) For the males older than 60, the smallest dosage is recommended. Besides, it is better to consult a doctor before buying the medications.

5) During sex, the risks of a heart attack occur. That’s why if a man has cardiovascular system problems or any pressure disorders, it is advisable to speak to a doctor before starting the consumption.

6) The dosage of the drugs must not exceed 100 and 20 mg for Sildenafil and Vardenafil (Tadalafil) correspondingly.

7) If you just start taking the medications, prefer the minimal dosage, which can be as follows:

  • 25 mg for Viagra
  • 10 mg for Cialis
  • 10 mg for Levitra.

In certain cases, the bigger amount won’t be necessary.

8) Remember that all the drugs can do harm. Nevertheless, if you decide to give up consuming the potency medications, your abilities won’t suffer. However, try not to take the drugs every day. The recommended frequency is 1-2 times a week. Thus, no risks or problems will occur.