What is the use of bird eggs for male potency?

Eggs are regularly eaten by so many people, and eggs are often consumed solely because of their pleasant taste and nutritional value. Nevertheless, the egg has many other pluses:

  • it’s easy to cook
  • it can be cooked in different ways
  • it contains a lot of useful microelements and vitamins.

More specifically, chicken eggs contain the following necessary vitamins: A, E, B (1-12), etc. Also in the composition of eggs, there are many microelements:

  • selenium
  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • phosphorus, etc.

The ordinary chicken egg is a very rich source of folic acid, but also biotin and other useful ingredients. Quail eggs are even more useful, the content of useful substances in which even higher. For example:

  • in quail eggs, twice as much vitamin A as in chicken eggs
  • in quail egg, 4 times more iron than in chicken eggs
  • also in quail eggs, there is more potassium.

In other words, quail eggs are better than chicken literally in all respects. They are more nutritious. Nevertheless, both chicken eggs and quail have a positive effect on male potency.

But how is it better to cook an egg? Nutritionists have been arguing for years about the answer to this question because someone prefers raw eggs, someone uses them exclusively cooked. The damage of raw eggs can be only in the risk of catching a disease such as salmonella, because salmonella bacteria die only when the product is heat-treated. On the other hand, during thermal processing, not only harmful but also beneficial bacteria perish, which significantly reduces the use of eggs. In any case, be sure to remember that eggs, regardless of their origin, must be washed thoroughly. Eat only eggs without cracks, with a whole shell.

The measure is also very important. Remember that too many certain substances can cause an overdose. Of course, this cannot be compared with a drug overdose, but it is not good anyway. The eggs contain a fairly large amount of cholesterol, which can be deposited inside the vessels and lead to such heart diseases as stroke. Nevertheless, eggs are a universal product; it helps to regulate the deposition of fats and cholesterol when consumed in limited quantities. The optimal number of eggs for eating per day: 1 chicken or 2-3 quail eggs.